Deep Green Resistance Campaigns

In order for the planet to survive, we must act in its defense. This is why Deep Green Resistance is organizing actions to confront the power structures—patriarchy, capitalism, and civilization—largely responsible for the plunder of land and people.

As an aboveground organization, our direct action is strictly limited to nonviolent civil disobedience. We maintain a firewall between our members and any groups or individuals who may be engaged in underground action. For an explanation of why this is necessary, see our Security page.

We are in Phase I of our operations as an aboveground organization, which means we are focused on networking, mobilization, and recruitment. Before our aims can grow and take on larger targets, we need a solid foundation—an organization and community that can be resilient and adaptive. From there, we move to Phase II.

DGR Action Priorities

Indigenous Solidarity

We stand with traditional indigenous people who seek to preserve and expand traditional lifeways. We recognize that many of us are living on stolen land.

Read Indigenous Solidarity Guidelines.


The Women’s Caucus leads the fight against male violence, domination, and entitlement. Men within DGR work to dismantle masculinity, improve personal behavior, and systematically fight against patriarchy.

Read Feminist Solidarity Guidelines.


The People of Color’s Caucus leads the fight against white supremacy, institutionalized racism, and racialized violence. White people within DGR work to support these efforts, fight internalized racism, and dismantle the systems of white supremacy.

Read White Ally Guidelines.

Resistance Education

We believe in the strategic necessity of education geared toward a goal of transforming material conditions. The DGR book, for instance, is an attempt at education, but it's ultimately a call for direct confrontations with power. We promote strategic resistance through outreach, community education, public speaking, video, and whatever other methods may be effective.

Land Restoration

Agriculture is the process that undergirds civilization. That is the destruction that must be repaired. Acre by acre, the living communities of forests, grasslands, and wetlands must be allowed to come home. We must love them enough to miss them and miss them enough to restore them. The best hope for our planet lies in their restoration. Perennial plants build soil, and carbon is their building block. That repair should be the main goal of the environmental movement. As such, DGR members and chapters work to restore land whenever and wherever such efforts are possible.

Download Landbase Action Plan template.

Direct Action

We engage in aboveground campaigns using whatever nonviolent tactics will be most effective in any given situation (ranging from community organizing and nonviolent direct action to legislative change and collective withdrawal of support). It is our understanding, given the timeline we face and the numbers we have, that aboveground work will not be enough to dismantle civilization, capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy, and other oppressive systems of power.

Promoting Underground Resistance

Because of this, we focus all of our work here: on the need for a militant underground to physically dismantle the infrastructure of these systems and stop perpetrators from continuing their crimes. We work to build a culture that normalizes and promotes militant resistance.

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