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The secret of our success is that we never, never give up.
-Wilma Mankiller, Cherokee chief

As the saying goes, a journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. Sometimes the hardest part of doing something is just getting started. The more ambitious and challenging the journey, the more daunting the first steps may seem, and bringing down civilization is definitely an ambitious undertaking.

Personal productivity writer David Allen (of Getting Things Done) often asks people working on a project to write down two things: the ultimate goal of the project, and the next step they need to take in order to make progress on that project. We've defined the goal. For most people, the obstacle is that next step. Thousands of people write to us or ask us at talks and conferences: "But what do I do now?"

You can volunteer for DGR if you want to help with any of our projects, or work on your own. To that end, here is a not-even-remotely-exhaustive list of some aboveground entry points to the grand strategy, a few ways of getting started or expanding your resistance activity, out of the thousands of options available.


Material support is the lifeblood of a healthy resistance movement.

  • Consider donating a percentage of your monthly income.
  • Use your skills to provide material support to those on the front lines: grow food, make clothing, provide housing, etc.
  • Offer material supplies for camping/climbing, electronics, or other goods that could be useful for resistance.

Educate Yourself

Educate Others

  • Link from your blog, website, or social media pages to our websites, such as those linked above in "Educate Yourself."
  • Share posts and retweet from our social media pages such as DGR Facebook, DGR Twitter, and DGR Tumblr.
  • Request that libraries and bookstores in your region carry Deep Green Resistance: Strategy to Save the Planet and other radical titles.
  • Host torrents of legally distributable radical movies, literature, and interviews, such as our Decisive Ecological Warfare pamphlet or the movie END:CIV - Resist or Die (magnet links).
  • Burn and share video & audio DVDs and CDs of legally distributable media.
  • Take DGR fliers and literature to local activist houses, gathering spaces, protests, and events. (Read tips for distributing fliers.)
  • Recommend media from our resource list to friends and acquaintances.
  • Write reviews of these films & books, and publish online or in local media. (Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you'd like us to consider publishing something you write.)
  • Hold discussions around film screenings and book readings.
  • Host a DGR speaking event.
  • Host workshops and teach-ins, inviting experienced people to present.
  • Campaign your school or education department to include environmental, feminist, anti-racist and indigenous studies in the curriculum.
  • Invite guest speakers to speak to your class on these topics.

Speak Out

  • Talk to family, friends, and acquaintances about Deep Green Resistance and the issues we address. Voice support for underground action.
  • Write articles on your blog or website speaking out in favor of DGR and underground action.
  • Attend local events, question mainstream approaches to the problems of civilization, and advocate for strategic action.
  • Present at public events and hearings in support of underground action.
  • Post comments in support of underground action on news articles, blogs, and forums.
  • Create music and art to build a culture of resistance.
  • Write articles or letters to the editor in support of underground action and submit to newspapers, magazines and online publications.
  • Write fictional stories about underground action.

Support Underground Activists

Take Direct Action

  • Attend local events and actions.
  • Make a landbase action plan for your region, and implement it.
  • Participate in direct action against planned and existing infrastructure through protests, mobilizing public opinion, frightening investors, legal intervention, and/or non-violent civil disobedience.
  • Carry out pranks, stunts and creative actions such as those of The Yes Men, Reverend Billy, Tim deChristopher, and Jonathan Moylan.

Organize & Build Alliances

  • Organize meet-ups to discuss deep green ideas, plan actions, and build a supportive community.
  • Offer services and solidarity to activist groups and communities in struggle, without trying to co-opt them.
  • Organize fundraising events.
  • Meet, talk with, and begin to work with feminist, anti-racist, immigrant rights, indigenous, farm workers rights, labor, environmental activists and others.
  • If applicable, organize solely with women, people of color, or other groups around the issues you face.
  • Build alliances with radical activist groups.
  • Build community self-sufficiency in your area.
  • Mobilize people to undertake civil disobedience or related tactics for current struggles in your area.

Also see our friend Stephanie McMillan's 50 ways to prepare for revolution.

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Join those of us who cannot be on the front lines in supporting the struggle for life and justice. With your help, we will make this dream a reality.


Get Active

“The power of a bold idea uttered publicly in defiance of dominant opinion cannot be easily measured. Those special people who speak out are precious catalysts for change.” ―Howard Zinn